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Bank Account Details

    Muhammad Dafa Rizqullah

    Azizah Diva Chairani

    Other Method : Wise App

    Steps in Using Wise Application for International Payment

    1. Download Wise in GooglePlay (Android) or AppStore (IOS)
    2. Open the app

    Setup Your Account:

    1. Sign In with your account details
    2. From the home tab, click the recipients tab
    3. In the top right corner click Add
    4. And then click Myself
    5. Select your country currency, and then fill the bank details based on your country requirements until your account shows in the recipient tab.
    6. Done

    Adding SMIC Payment Account:

    1. Still in recipients tab, hit the right corner and then click Add.
    2. And then click “Someone Else”
    3. Select currency into “MYR” if you want to transfer it into Malaysia Ringgit, or you can select “IDR” if you want to transfer it into Indonesia Rupiah.
    4. In their email tab, fill in
    5. Then, it will automatically generate the account named as “Muhammad Dafa Rizqullah” if you choose MYR Ringgit and “Muhammad Hawary Zuhri” if you choose IDR Rupiah.
    6. After that click “Add a recipient” until its done.

    Transfer Process:

    1. Still in the recipient tab, click “Send” in the right side of Muhammad Dafa Rizqullah / Muhammad Hawary Zuhri.
    2. And then click “Send Money”
    3. Input the correct amount in the money tab “Muhammad Dafa Rizqullah gets exac” or “Muhammad Hawary Zuhri gets exac”.
    4. Then it will show the amount of money that you need to pay which includes the administration fees from the Wise App.
    5. Click Continue and then click transfer purpose as “tuition fees”
    6. In the next page, click the type a reference as “Your Name – Payment SMIC 2021” (ex: Ahmad Albar – Payment SMIC 2021)
    7. And then verify your identity with and proceed as what it requires
    8. If done, then proceed to payment.


    Both for IDR and MYR are using the same email which is ‘’ but it will automatically generate different name according to the currency you choose.

    >> Muhammad Dafa Rizqullah will be displayed if you choose Malaysia Ringgit

    >> Muhammad Hawary Zuhri will be displayed if you choose Indonesia Rupiah.