“The Impact of Changes on Civilization Post-COVID19 in Southeast Asia”

The coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) has been declared as a global pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO) since 2020. It has spread throughout the countries around the world, causing death tolls and billions of dollar losses. Compared to other pandemics, the Covid-19 has more tremendous impacts on human civilization. The impact of Post Covid-19 on civilization itself is diverse and remains vague especially for the people of Southeast Asia.

However, it is forecasted to affect greatly on the various fields of people’s lives such as Education, Economy, IT, Health & Medical, Psychology, and Politic. Besides, the changes from a well-educated society can have a huge continuous impact for people and we need to adapt of this huge impact on Post Covid-19. Therefore, Indonesian Student Association in Malaysia (PPI Malaysia), in collaboration with Indonesian Student Association in UTM Kuala Lumpur (PPI UTM KL), believe that the youths should be able to cultivate the best potential in themselves as the future generation and adapt against all the obstacles that will be encountered in the future.


  • EducationĀ 
  • PoliticsĀ 
  • Health & Medical
  • Psychology
  • Digital Information & Technology
  • Economic
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Accounting & Business
  • Public Policy
  • Social & Cultural

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