The world is currently experiencing a big problem. The main problem comes from the health sector, which is a virus called Corona (COVID-19). This virus spreads throughout the world until it becomes a pandemic which results in disruption of all sectors of human life. This virus makes all countries close and limit access in and out of their borders in order to reduce the number of viruses developing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, finally all human life is carried out with a new living system. All people must be able to adapt to this new life system so that they can continue to carry out various activities so that they can survive until this pandemic is over and people can carry out various kinds of innovations according to their work background.

Indonesian Student Association in Malaysia (PPI Malaysia) is a non-profit organization of Indonesian youths who are currently studying in Malaysia. By raising the jargon “COLLABORATION, HARMONY, CONTRIBUTION”, PPI Malaysia believe that Indonesian students abroad must be able to adapt to the global affairs and uphold Indonesia’s identity in the same time.

Being students in the ASEAN region, PPI Malaysia members get to interact with other ASEAN students in various activities. Realizing the rapid development in Southeast Asia, PPIM believes that our youths should be able to cultivate the best potential in them as the future generation and could adapt in all obstacles that would be encountered in the future.

Thus, PPIM will be holding Southeast Asia Millennial Conference 2020: Advancing ASEAN Sustainable Development through Connectivity amid the New Normal.” We realized that amid the Covid-19 outbreak and the new normal, connectivity is a quintessential aspect for boosting the development and also achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  1. To strengthen the ties of ASEAN youth.
  2. To improve the understanding between youths of ASEAN on the issues faced by ASEAN countries.
  3. To encourage ASEAN youths to concern and participate in dealing with the issues in ASEAN.
  4. To provide a forum for ASEAN youths to express their aspirations and their ideas to resolve the problems in the ASEAN community.
  5. To create a vision that will become a direction for ASEAN youths in the effort to realize a better ASEAN.
  6. To show the existence of ASEAN youths in encountering the challenges of facing ASEAN development.