Guidance For Author

1. Article that will be submitted bt the author must be written in English.

2. The author should keep the turnitin percentage nearly 20%.

3. Articles should ideally be no more than 6 pages (every additional pages will be charged Rp. 300.000 or RM 87).

4. Article should be made based on our manuscript template. The manuscript template can be downloaded from this link

5. There is a specific limit for the number of authors in an article, maximum 5 authors is fairly acceptable.

6. For the references, the author should use mendeley.

7. Proceeding article will be published at :
a) SMIC owned proceeding and,
b) High Grade International Proceeding and will be submitted to Scopus indexing.

8. All paper will be published in SMIC Proceeding. However, the author that want to publish their paper to EAI-EUDL CCER Proceeding series for further indexing in Scopus/WoS will be charged additional fees for Rp. 2.200.000 or RM 640.

9. Stages of Peer Review from Submission to Accept/Reject Decision
We maintain an expedited peer review process of only 2-3 weeks, however, all article submissions still undergo a thorough peer review process.

  • Stage 1
    Upon submission, each article will automatically be run through plagiarism software to check for similarity to other published work, including an author’s own work. If any issues are detected, the article will be immediately rejected, and may result in further investigation and/or corrective actions.
  • Stage 2
    The article will undergo a thorough prescreening check that includes being evaluated for grammar, formatting, confirming the article was not submitted elsewhere at the same time. Depending on the severity of any issues presented, the article will either be immediately rejected, or returned to draft so the authors can update their article accordingly and resubmit.
  • Stage 3
    Should the article submission pass the initial prescreening process, it will then be assigned to editor who will provide a second thorough vetting of the article to determine its suitability for peer review based on quality, technical content, and scope. If the editor feels the article is appropriate for peer review, they will begin inviting qualified and relevant reviewers who are experienced in the area of expertise of the manuscript. Reviewers will evaluate if the article contributes to the scientific community, if it is technically sound, if the subject matter is presented in a comprehensive manner, and if the references provided are applicable and sufficient.
  • Stage 4
    Once the editor receives enough reviewers’ feedback , they will evaluate the reviewers’ comments, the article itself, and will then determine if the article should be accepted or rejected. Please keep in mind that the final decision rests with the editor, and the reviewers only provide recommendations.

10. Understanding the Decisions
Authors will receive an accept or reject decision after the article has completed peer review by email and whatsapp. If the article is accepted, authors are able to make minor edits to their articles based on reviewers’ comments before publication. If the article is rejected for publication, the reasons will be explained to the author. Peer review decisions are detailed below:

  • Accept (minor edits):  The article is acceptable for publication as is. However, we do recommend carefully reviewing all of the editor and reviewers’ feedback to incorporate any necessary small edits prior to submitting final files.
  • Reject (Updates required before resubmission): The article has potential but requires updates before it is suitable for publication. The authors will receive detailed feedback that they will be able to utilize to update their article accordingly. Upon resubmission, authors will be required to provide a detailed point-to-point document highlighting each reviewers’ concerns and how the authors have addressed each concern. Revised articles will be assigned to the same editor and reviewers unless the authors request otherwise, or the original editor and reviewers are unavailable.
    Authors are only permitted to resubmit their article once. If all concerns and criticisms have not been properly addressed, the article will be rejected without the opportunity to revise and resubmit.
  • Reject (Do not encourage resubmit): The article is not suitable for peer review and updates are too extensive to improve the manuscript. Future submissions of the article will not be accepted. If an author resubmits an article that was previously reject (do not encourage resubmit) the article will be immediately rejected.