Frequently Asked Question

Registration &

How do I register?

You can go directly to this link.

What is in included in my registration fee?

It includes our conference and proceeding submission. But if you want to publish as SCOPUS, you might add extra fee charge.

How do I check my payment status?

You can check your status to these contact persons:

  • Sherren Jielita (+60 11 6401 3577)
  • Razi Nazhif (+62 821 1744 0466)

In addition, you will be notified after your payment is done.

What if I have to cancel my registration?

Please confirm your cancellation to these contact persons:

  • Sherren Jielita (+60 11 6401 3577)
  • Razi Nazhif (+62 821 1744 0466)

If you registered as author, you will get 50% refund.
If you registered as participant, you won’t get any refund.


How can I submit my paper?

You can register on the SMIC submission website or click this link. Paper submission is done through the SMIC website system.

How many limit pages of my paper?

Limit pages of your paper are 6 pages for each article.

What size of paper is used?

Paper size is A4.


How much time will I present?

Each presentation takes maximum 15 minutes include QA sessions.

Can I use my pre-recorded video for presentation?

It is depending on the presenter’s condition at the time and the reason. If committee think the reason is dubious, committee won’t allow pre-recorded video.

Are there any presentation guidelines?

No, there aren’t any specific presentation guidelines.
At least, the presentation should contain by 3 general parts:

  • Research’s problem
  • Discussion and result
  • Conclusion

What platform I can use in my presentation?

You can use any platform in your presentation.

Who can present the paper?

Only 1 author in every article can present.


What is the difference between participant and presenter?

Participant is people only attend and join in the conference. Without submit any article.

Presenter is people which presentate an article during conference. They will face some reviewers and be responsible for their article.

What do I get in the conference?

You will get e-certificate and professional connection.

How long will the conference take?

It will take 2 days.


When are the articles will be published?

The article publishing is divided by 2:

  • SMIC Proceeding: It will publish 3 months after the end of conference.
  • SCOPUS: It will publish more than 6 months after the end of conference.
What is the publisher?

Our publisher is EAI.

How long the article will publish?

It is depending on the kind of articles and the publisher’s role.

What is the article template?

Article template is your paper’s format to be journal. Every publisher has different templates.